Our operation

We are active in all areas of environmental law. We handle application and inspection matters relating to the Environmental Code on a daily basis. We provide advice on how to deal with contaminated areas and investigate liability. We are increasingly applying specialist legislation, such as the Emissions Trading Act and the Act and Order on Measures to Prevent and Limit the Consequences of Serious Chemical Accidents. Since environmental law is strongly influenced by EU and other international law, we are also thoroughly familiar with international rules and regulations. All of us have experience of EU-related work and some of us have been involved in major international negotiations.

Some of us have particular expertise in issues relating to waste processing, while others specialise in exploitation operations, infrastructure projects or clean-up operations.

We also focus on different industries, e.g. on the steel and mining industry, and divide the work in such a way that we build up specific expertise in different sectors. In the area of environmental legislation, industry-specific expertise is particularly valuable since there are many similarities between the environmental issues which arise in a single industry, irrespective of location.

When it comes to the processing of applications and inspections, we can participate in consultations, draw up application documents and other submissions, and represent our clients at main hearings at all environmental courts in Sweden.

Whatever we are involved in, we prioritise teamwork – within the firm, with our clients and with our clients’ other consultants. We regard this as the key to success. In the longer term, we also assist our clients with investigations which form the basis for strategic decisions. In this area, we make full use of our broad contact network in the business sector and in public agencies. We also assist authorities and governments in a wide range of investigations, e.g. in connection with the implementation of EU Directives or the preparation of other legislation and regulations.

When it comes to commercial transactions, we can assist in carrying out risk analyses and risk management (contractual arrangements etc.). We also deal with new forms of environment-related transactions, including the international trade in emission rights.